Wishes...Shared & Squared

This year, instead of feeling guilty for cards mailed late, we decided to feel GREAT about hopes, dreams, and all things worth building.

We send you and yours wishes for a happy, healthy, hope-filled New Year.

And we encourage you to share your wishes, here and via Wishing Wall online, where HOPE can be sent up into cyberspace and rain down on the crowd (as confetti) gathered in Times Square.

On second thought, would that mean PAPER wasted?

More likely, just ink....

To ring in 2008, the organizers would have dropped the ball with same cofetti weight anyway. Now, your hopes can be written out, sent up, perhaps carried home in a pocket and/or shared with the world.

The "message in the bottle" is RENEWABLE....

Thinkable is Doable.

And YOU can be the proof!