Celebrating Home Grown!


Farm Aid has come to New York City! And there are many ways to join the festivities and to support local food, family farming clean-burning biodiesel and renewable everything in the process.

On Saturday, September 8, Farm Aid's Home Grown Festival will kick off at Union Square Greenmarket at 7:30 a.m., when the "Upstate - Downstate Food and Farm Caravan" -- loaded with fresh food and produce gathered during its week-long tour of of New York State -- arrives at farmer's market for to show off NY's Pride and fill up with more food from local farms.

Union Square Greenmarket will be at the height of its growing season -- made even more delicious and celebratory through cooking demonstrations and contests, the presence of local food and farming groups,
hands-on activities and live music.

I'll be there all day -- visiting old friends, meeting new ones, brainstorming the revival of FarmHands-CityHands and the launch of The Renewables, and hoping you'll e-mail me (wendy@biodieselbabes.com) so we can seek each other out in the square and share a long glass of something good.

Then, the Food and Farm Caravan makes its way to Randalls Island, where, On Sunday, September 9, 22-year-old Farm Aid Concert comes to New York for the first time, and for the first time at a major concert event, aims to serve 100 percent local, organic, humanely-raised and family-farmed food.

There are still tickets for noon - midnight concert, whose lineup includes Farm Aid founders Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellancamp and Dave Matthews and many more.

There's also a noon - 5 p.m. Home Grown Festival abounding with family farmers, great food, hands-on activities and more. I'll be brewing biodiesel with friends from Windfall Farms and Neely Green Solutions, listening to some of my favorite music, feasting...and very much hoping to see you there.