Introducing...Biodiesel Babes!

Biodiesel Babes was born the first time I brewed my own, in Oct. ’06, under the tutelage of Tom Herbert, up at Morse Pitts’ Windfall Farms.

Suddenly, this sometimes city girl who had moved to New York “so no one would ask her to cook or drive again” felt the drive again:

I wanted to drive tractors, trailers, trucks, a Jetta of my own, the renewable energies evolution and revolution, and more.

I scented home-brewed biodiesel with essences of lilac and sage; burned it in lamps, lanterns and a Hannukah menorah; studied the science, economics, political and environmental implications and more. I delved into education and practiced conservation.

And by the time a brief stint with Biodiesel America and their Fields of Fuel feature doc took me to the National Biodiesel Conference, I was on top of the subject...and very much in love with it.

For proof, please stay tuned!

And please, if you have renewable energy hopes, dreams, stories, solutions...bring them here.

Biodiesel Babe is open!

Warmly and looking forward,
Wendy Dubit and the Biodiesel Babes

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